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Home Paneurhythmy 1-10 cycle 7.Liberation Music & Movement 7.2. Liberation: music and movement
Thursday, 17 February 2011 01:52

7.2. Liberation: music and movement

Written by  Daniela Ancheva
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Measure: 3/4
D major
Total: 41 measures
1 measure = 1 movement


1 cycle = 2 movements
Total: 20,5 cycles, 41 movements
Transition: movement 1








The right hand is on the hip. The left arm is in horizontal position to the side, stretched, palm down, fingers together.

The right foot has stepped, the left foot is set forward.




The right hand from a position on the hip moves in front of the chest, clenched in a fist. The left arm from a position horizontal to the side moves in front of the chest clenched in a fist. The fists touch with palms down, thumbs out below on top of the other fingers. The elbows are close to the body, the forearms are pointing forwards and upwards with stretched wrists.

The left foot steps.

1 measure

Text: “We love the”


The fists part as if they break something: the arms unfold in the elbows downwards, forwards and sideways while the palms open; next the arms raise stretched horizontally to the sides, palms down, fingers together.

The right foot steps.

1 measure


The arms retrace their way to clench fists in front of the chest.

The left foot steps.

1 measure

Movements 2 and 3 make up a cycle which repeats 20 times.

The last movement is № 41


Final position:

Both arms are folded in the elbows and the close fisted hands are brought together in front of the chest, touching.

The weight is on the left foot, the right foot is forward, ready for the first step of exercise 8.



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