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Home Paneurhythmy 12.Jumping Music & Movement


Measure: 3/4
Tonality: C major
Total: 15 measures
1 movement has different duration: 2, 3 or 4 beats


1 cycle: 3 movements
total: 5 cycles
ex.12 Jumping: movement






The partners face the centre of the circle, one behind the other.

Arms are extended vertically upwards, parallel, palms forwards, fingers together, wrists and elbows stretched.

Feet are together in standing position.



Bending from the waist forwards to a horizontal position.

Arms move parallel forwards and downwards simultaneously with the body; after the body reaches horizontal position they continue to move to a position horizontal to the back, close to the body. In the final position the head, the body and the arms make one horizontal line, the eyes look at the ground.

Both legs remain in the standing position.

4 beats


Standing up and jumping.

Both arms move forwards and upwards and clap shortly above the head during the jump.

Text: Clapping is done on the semiquaver note and on the syllables “your”, “in”, “dant” “the” “in”.

Knees bend slightly and legs jump up in place.

2 beats


Returns to starting position.

Both hands part after the clapping and return to SP.

Feet land on the ground and return to SP.

3 beats


Arms are extended vertically upwards, parallel and stretched, palms forwards.

Feet together in standing position.



After the exercise is over the palms turn outwards and the arms are brought down smoothly to the sides of the body. Afterwards the partners turn to the right, in the direction of the movement along the circle.