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Home IP Project

This is an intensive programme project of the Lifelong Learning/ Erasmus Programme of the European Community for higher education 


Project title:

Introducing Paneurhythmy: Fit, Creative and Social with the Bulgarian System for Recreation. 



The IP presents Paneurhythmy, a Bulgarian system of exercises, in the context of recreation, teambuilding, creativity and nature-oriented activities. Activities: Paneurhythmy movements, music and text; cooperative games; creative expression and communication;creative drama; folk dance; story telling and text reading; drawing; recreation with music; hiking; lectures. Target group: students of sport, education and therapy. 

Time and place:


4-16 May 2009, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria;

4-16 May 2010, Varna, Bulgaria

Web site: www.ip-recreation.eu

We are thankful to the National Agency in charge of Lifelong Learning Programme: Human resources Development Centre (HRDC), Bulgaria

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