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Home Paneurhythmy 14.Think Music & Movement


Measures 3/4, 9/8, 12/8
Tonality: D major
Total: 40 measures
1 movement = 1 measure 3/4, or 2 measures 3/4, or 3 beats from measures 9/8 or 12/8
part 1: In place

part 2: Scooping

part 3: Supporting

the whole exercise



SP  for the exercise:
Arms:The right arm is upwards to the right side at 45 degrees. The left arm is bent in the elbow, the forearm is parallel to the right arm. The arms and forearms are stretched with hands upwards to the sides, palms down.
Legs:Feet are together in standing position.  
Sequence of the cycles:
1.In place/  2. Scooping (6+7+6+7)/ 3.Supporting/ 4.Scooping (7)/ 5.Supporting/  6.Scooping (7). The cycles repeat.
FP for the exercise:
Arms go down by the sides of the body. Legs go together in standing position.


Think, In place, 1aThink-1bThink, 1c

SP= SP for the exercise

Arms: Arms, parallel to one another and stretched, outline descending semicircles close to the body and rise up to the left side in a position symmetrical to the SP: the left arm  upwards to the left side at 45 degrees, while the right arm is bent in the elbow, its forearm parallel to the left arm. The body and the head remain facing forwards.
Legs: Feet are together in standing position.
Text: „Think right”.
Duration: 1 measure 3/4
Arms: Arms retrace their way to the right, to SP, moving at two times slower speed.
Legs: Feet are together in standing position.
Text: „Always think right.”
Duration: 2 measures 3/4
Movements 1 and 2 repeat.
FP: At the end we take SP for “Scooping"




Arms:Arms are bent in the elbows, forearms horizontal in front of the body in a sort of triangle. Hands are close to one another at the level of the solar plexus, palms up, fingers bent. 

Think, scooping

Legs:Feet are together in standing position.
Arms: Both hands make two symmetrical scooping gestures in front of the solar plexus with circular movements of the forearms: at first the hands move down, in semicircles, as if tracking the surface of a virtual sphere, next the hands move upwards as if parallel to the sphere’s axes. During the whole movement palms are up, fingers together and slightly bent.
Duration:3 beats from measure 9/8 or 12/8
Legs: step forward
The movement repeats 6 or 7 times with consecutive step: in a series of 6+7+6+7 after the “In Place” cycle, starting with right foot. Performed as 7 repetitions after the “Supporting” cycle, starting with left foot.
Text: "Sustain most sacred thoughts of life that radiate light".
FP: At the end we take SP for “Supporting” or SP for “In place”. 



Think, supporting 1Think, supporting 2


Arms: Arms are to the sides with elbows slightly bent down and palms out, vertically up
Legs:The right foot is ready to step.
Arms:  Arms extend horizontally to the sides with a slight energetic push in the elbows and wrists, palms vertically up and perpendicular to the forearms, as if they support something. Next the elbows fold a little to return to SP.
Legs: Step with the right foot.
Text: “Sustain”.
Duration:1/3 of measure 9/8
The movement repeats 3 times with consecutive steps. 
FP:  At the end of movement 3 the arms move to SP for “Scooping”.