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Early in the morning (The Rising Sun), Marieta StoychevaThe Rising Sun, Preslava Petrova


Behold the rising sun, 
sending brilliant light, 
filling life with joy and new delight.
(Repeat from "Behold")
Living power, springing flowing power. (Repeat 4 times) 
Zoun me zoun, zoun me zoun, binom tou meto. (Repeat 2 times) 
(Repeat from the beginning) 



We are at one with nature, gaining strength from it. In the first part our arms are the Sun, which rises, we benefit from the solar energies. In the second part, our hands are springing waters, springs, we benefit from the water energies. In the third part we perform the ongoing exchange between us and nature in our lives. The natural processes are the sunrise and the spring gushing forth from the earth: beginning of display of light, warmth, water. In people these processes are metaphor for the appearance of something new, of possibilities, talent, idea, feeling, inspired by the vital powers of nature.

"The arms make arch-like movements upwards and to the sides, and then come back to the chest. Afterwards the hands make scooping movements which imitate the gushing forth of spring waters. The first part represents the process of originating of something new. All solar energies go into the person so that s/he can grow and develop. The second part represents how life-giving forces flow through us like mighty waters". [Beinsa Douno, Paneurhythmy, p.80], 

Zoun Mezoun, zoun mezoun: “The whole of our life, all of our life”. Binom Toumeto: “Let it now be so!” [Beinsa Douno,Paneurhythmy, 2004, p.71]



The Rising Sun, Silviya NedelchevaThe Rising Sun, Ondrej Smetana




1. Текст: Finish up the sentences “If I were theSun… If I were a wellspring…”. 

2. Drawing: Draw a picture of sunrise. Draw an illustration to the exercise.

3. Questions: “The Sun is Me”(Loui XIV): what does a Sun inside us stand for? In Dutch [zunmezun] is “kiss me kiss”: what isthe kiss of nature?

4. Experience: Tell us of situation and experiences when you have receivedstrength and energy by being in touch with nature. What is the feeling?

5. Imagination: Imagine, while you play the exercisethat: 1. Your arms rise up likethe Sun;2. Your hands scoop water from two springs gushingforth by your sides.

6. Affirmation: Write your own positive affirmation about the exercise. For example: I am like a Sun giving light and joy.

7. Quote: You can always find the sun within yourself if you will only search (Maxwell Maltz). Books:The Hidden messages in Water(Masaru Emoto).Find your favourite quotes on the Rising Sun.


The Rising Sun, Stefka Nikolova (follow-up activities)



Measures: ¾, 2/4, 4/4
Tonality: G major
Total: 80 measures
1 movement = 3 measures ¾, 5 measures ¾, 1 beat from  measure 2/4 or 3/4
1 part:
2 part:
3 part:
The whole exercise:
3 cycles:
cycle “Rising”: 3 +3 movements
cycle “Springing”: 6 +7 +6+7 movements
cycle “Exchange”: 2 x 19 movements
The cycles repeat in this order
SP for the exercise:
Arms: The arms are bent in the elbows with palms to the chest and touching it, fingers slightly curved. Elbows are down by the sides of the body. 
Legs: Feet are together in standing position. 
1. „Rising”
Music: measures from 1 to 22
Text: “Behold the rising sun, sending brilliant light, filling life with joy and new delight”-2
Movements: 3+3 arms, 6 slow steps
2. „Springing” 
Music: measures from 23 to 34
Text: “Living power, springing flowing power”- 4
Movements: 6+7+6+7 arms, 26 steps
3. „Exchange”
Music: measures from 35 to 40 (and 4th beat of measure 34)
Text: “Zoun me zoun, zoun me zoun. Binom tou meto.” - 2
Movements: 2 x 10 arms, 20 steps
Cycles from 1 to 3 repeat from measure 41 to 80 of the music.
FP for the exercise: When the exercise is over, the arms go down by the sides of the body. The legs come together in standing position.
The Sun is Rising - part 1
SP = SP of the exercise
Arms: Hands rise slowly up, in front of the face, curved, to form an arch above the head. The palms are downward and at a little distance from one another. The head is straight and only the eyes follow the movement of the hands. 
Legs: The right foot moves forward and touches the ground with tiptoes, then the left foot slowly rises on tiptoes, so that both feet stay on tiptoes, after which the weight of the body gradually transfers forward on the tiptoes of the right foot. In the final phase, the right foot slowly steps down, while the left foot remains on tiptoes to the back. The moment of stepping down corresponds to the last word of the text (“sun”), 3rd measure.
Text: “Behold the rising sun”.
Duration: 3 measures ¾ or 10 beats (upbeat, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd measures)
Arms: The palms turn outward and the hands slowly go down to the sides to shoulder height with palms facing down. 
Legs: The left foot moves forward and the transfer of the weight to is similar to the description in movement 1, The moment of stepping down corresponds to the last word of the text (“light”), 6th measure.
Text: “Sending brilliant light”.
Duration: 3 measures ¾, 9 beats (4th, 5th, and 6th measures)
Arms: Palms turn forwards. Hands slowly come together to the chest with a circular horizontal movement, elbows horizontally to the sides. Simultaneously with stepping down the elbows go down by the sides of the body, arms are brought back to SP. 
Legs: Same movement as 1, but twice as slow. The moment of stepping down corresponds to the last word of the text (“delight”) and the last three beats of the music (3rd of measure 10 and 1st and 2nd of measure 11).
Text: “Filling life with joy and new delight”.
Duration: 5 measures ¾, 14 beats (measures 7, 8, 9, 10 and beats 1 and 2 of 11th)
Movements 1-3 repeat, and movements 4-6 start with right foot.
FP Transition: At the end of movement 6 arms go down in SP for “Springing”. 
The Sun is Rising - part 2aThe Sun is Rising - part 2bThe Sun is Rising - part 2cThe Sun is Rising - part 2-transition
Arms: Arms are down by the sides of the body. Palms are upward and forward, fingers loosely together and slightly bent. 
Legs The left foot has stepped, the right foot is set forward.
Arms: Both hands make two symmetrical scooping gestures at the sides with a slight push upwards, representing water springing from the ground. The palms begin their movement from the lowest point down and rise a little bit higher. 
Legs: Step with the right foot
Duration: 1 beat of measure 2/4
The arms movement repeats in cycles of 6 and 7 movements Each consecutive scooping starts from the place where the previous one has ended and goes a little bit higher. The last scooping in each cycle is at the level of the chest. The sequence is 6+7+6+7 scooping gestures with consecutive 26 steps.
Text: 1: „Living”; 2: „power”; 3: „springing”; 4: „flowing”; 5: „po-”; 6: „-wer”; (7:“-er”)
Duration of the cycle 1-6: three measures 2/4
Duration of the cycle 1-7: two measures 2/4 and one measure ¾
FP Transition: In the last 7th movement, on left foot, the hands instead of scooping go onto the chest in a SP for “Exchange”.
The Sun is Rising - part 3
Arms: The arms are folded in the elbows. The palms are placed on the chest and touch it, slightly curved, fingers pointing upwards. The elbows are close to the body.
Legs: The left foot has stepped, the right foot is set forward.
Arms: Forearms unfold slowly forwards, parallel, to a horizontal position at the level of the elbows. Palms stretch, facing upwards, fingers together.
Legs: Step with the right foot
Duration: 1 beat of measure 3/4 or 4/4
Arms: Arms fold to retrace their way to SP. 
Legs: Step with the left foot
Duration: 1 beat of measure 3/4 or 4/4
Movements 1-2 repeat 10 times
Text: 1:zoun me;2:zou-;3:-oun;4:zoun me;5:zou-; 6:-oun bi;7:-nom tou;8:me; 9:to;10:-о 
FP Transition: The end of the last arms movement in “Exchange” coincides with the SP for “Rising”. Feet come together in standing position.
1. SP for the Exchange cycle is with hands on the chest. FP is with forearms horizontal.