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Square, Marieta StoychevaSquare, Stefka Nikolova (follow-up activities)


1. Bright is the morn, filled with the fragrance sweet of flowers just born;
2. White pearls of dew, a golden crown her glorious head adorn.
3. All nature sings, all nature now with music rings,
4. Praising the dawn, praising the new born happy dawn,
5. Praising the father-sun, creator of the glorious dawn.
6. All nature sings, all nature now with music rings,
7. Praising the dawn, praising the new born happy dawn,
8. Praising the father-sun, creator of the glorious dawn.
1. Red is the east, God’s loving lips its brilliant forehead have kissed,
2. Filling the morning air with vibrant life and sacred bliss.
Repeat verses from 3 to 8

The square is a metaphor for a problem situation, some limitation, difficulty, a task in life. This happens at work, at home, in the relations; affects us intellectually, emotionally, our volition; short-term or long-term. In the language of gesture we stop our free movement forwards along the smooth circle. And we start a movement in a small and limited “angled” space, a square, which we cannot leave no matter how long we walk: the initial and final positions match. Like the characters of a fairytale, who have fallen under the power of evil forces, we have to give everything from us, to activate our internal powers, qualities, capacities and talents at work, so that we can help ourselves. Some examples of Square:


  • birds in a cage;
  • animals limited because of insufficient life conditions: drought, hunger;
  • a prison (literally and metaphorically);
  • the room as a closed space, when you cannot leave it, for example because of illness;
  • an assignment at work;
  • a forthcoming examination in the studies;
  • difficulties caused by another person.

Exercises 17-21 are related thematically as a group. In 17.Square we have a problem situation, a task. With 18.Beauty and19.Agility we work to solve it using the hard and the mild approach. In 20.Conquering we solve and overcome it.  With21.The Joy of the Earth we perform the joy of the achieved.

This exercise teaches us to have the right standard by which to measure everything on earth… The face turns successfully to the four directions of the earth – east, west, north and south – connecting with their energy. The east represents justice, the south – virtue, the north – truth… the west – how truth, justice and virtue benefit man. When the sun sets, then we appreciate its blessing. [Beinsa Douno, Paneurhythmy, p.80]

Square, Lenka SzotkowskaSquare, Gabriela Jonczy




1. Text: Give synonym words or expressions about "problem situation".  Write in your own beautiful words a sentence/ essay/ poem about a problem situation/ a serious task you have had. 

2. Drawing: Draw an illustration to the exercise. Draw the line we outline with our steps while performing the exercise, in relation to the circle.

3. Questions: What are the main characteristics of the square form and can it be found in nature? Do you like problem situations and why? Why is nature so happy in the poem for Square, provided that you perform a person facing difficulties? How many and what daily tasks did you set up for yourself when you woke up this morning.

4. Experience: Tell us of situations and experiences when you have had a serious task to solve/ a problem situation. What was the feeling?

5. Imagination: Try to outline correctly the square form – not bigger or different. Imagine that the oultined square is: 1. a sheet of paper on which your task is written; 2. the room you work in; 3. the garden you work in; 4. the canvass on which you will paint; 5. the desk on which you study; 6. the textbook you have to stud.

6. Affirmations: Write your own positive affirmation for Square. For example: I can cope with my tasks/problems. I outline correctly the boundaties of my tasks.

7. Quotes: Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it (Michelangelo). Find your favourite quote for Square.


Weaving a nest, Silviya Nedelcheva