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Home Paneurhythmy 20.Conquering Music & Movement


Measure: 3/8

Tonality: G major
Total: 80 measures
1 measure = 1 movement


1 cycle = 6 movements
Total: 13 cycles and 2 movements
Arms: The right arm is to the right side, down and back at an angle of 45°, stretched in elbow and wrist, palm facing the body. The left arm is folded in the elbow, forearm in front of the chest, wrist folded and palm parallel to the right arm.
Legs: Feet together in standing position. 
Arms: Both arms move parallel forwards and upwards to an angle of 45°.
Legs: On the very first performance of the cycle, feet remain together. On every other performance, at 1 we have step with the left foot.
Duration: 1 measure 


Arms: Both arms fold in the elbows, palms forward. Next the elbows unfold and the palms move as if they push up something energetically upwards and forwards to 45° with wrists bent and palms facing forward, vertical. The arms are parallel.
Legs: Step with the right foot. The left remains on the ground, on toes, to the back.
Duration: 1 measure
Arms: The arms take a position symmetrical to SP: The left arm moves stretched to 45° down to the back with palm facing the body. The right arm folds in the elbow, forearm in front of the chest, wrist folded and palm parallel to the left arm.
Legs: The weight of the body transfers to the left foot. The right foot lifts off the ground, knee bent, and tiptoes point to the ground.
Duration: 1 measure
Movements 1, 2, 3 repeat symmetrically (left to right) with movements 4, 5, 6.
All six make up a cycle which repeats 13 times + 2 movements.
FP = end of movement 2. 
When the exercise is over, the arms go down by the sides of the body. The legs come together in standing position.