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Breathing-1, Marieta StoychevaBreathing, Jill Vandenbussche



This is a breathing exercise. 

All sing the vowel "a" while breathing out.
Three melodies repeat 3 times each.
Breathing-2, Marieta Stoycheva
The exercise develops correct breathing with the help of music and singing.
“Through this musical breathing exercise, one becomes acquainted with the musical methods which one needs to apply in life. Through them one comes in harmony with nature.” [Beinsa Douno, Paneurhythmy, p.107]


Breathing, Silviya NedelchevaBreathing, Dinko Georgiev

1.Text: Write in your own beautiful words a sentence/ essay/ poem about breathing. 

2.Drawing:  Draw the movement of the air. Draw an illustration to the exercise.

3.Questions: What do you know about breathing exercises? Why is deep breathing good for the health?

4.Experience: Have you made breathing exercises before? What is the feeling?

5.Imagination: Imagine while you breathe in that the air has a pure white color and that it infiltrates every cell of your body and while you breathe out that the air is darker, takes out all “dirt” inside the body.

6.Affirmations: Write your own positive affirmation about Breathing. For example: Deep breathing makes me stronger.

Breathing, Halim AkcakayaBreathing, Gabriela Jonczy