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Home Paneurhythmy 15.Aoum Text & Idea

Aoum, Lenka SzotkowskáAoum, Gabriela Jonczy



Aoum. Aoum. Aoum.
Om. Om. 

(Repeat 4 times) 



With this exercise we strive to the hights, receiving the harmonious in us, and casting off the disharmonious from us. Aum is a mantra in the Sanskrit language. Ancient languages have syncretism – one word nominates many notions, and does not activate the concrete imagery thinking. The meaning which every person finds is different. Some examples:
  • the practice of praying in all religions;
  • the meditation practices;
  • in art: admiring a picture as a whole without focusing on separate forms and colors.

"When we extend one arm upwards at an angle of 45˚ we receive.. (and) through the leg on which we are supported, we receive.. Through the arm and the leg which are extended down and back at an angle of 45˚ we cast off the impure, all of our accumulated unprocessed and disharmonious energies.. Through the repeated lifting of the arms forwards and upwards and the repeated lifting of the legs, we express the desire of our spirit to reach the heights. One works on earth but one’s inner vision is always directed to the world of the stars." [Beinsa Douno, Paneurhythmy, p.79]


Aoum, Ondřej SmetanaAoum, Stefka Nikolova (follow-up activities)



1. Text: “Aoum” (also spelled “aum”), “om”, “aoumen” are ancient words which in European languages develop into Amen: expression used at the end of prayers, and meaning, "So be it”. Write in your own beautiful words a wish, that ends up with these words.

2. Drawing: Draw an illustration to the exercise.

3. Questions: What do you do when you come across an unfamiliar word? Is it possible thatone and the same word has different meaning to different people and why?

4. Experience: Tell us of situations and experiences when you have managed to cast off a disharmonious state. How did you manage that?

5. Imagination: Imagine, while you play the exercise, that with your stretched arm upwards you reach something beautiful and light/ the stars; while with your hand stretched to the back you cast off behind your back everything disharmonious in you.

6. Definitions for Aum (Om) in Wikipedia: (1) The eternal process of birth, life, death and rebirth. The Aum is the Universal symbol of Creation. (2) The sacred syllable of creation, the Word that went forth in the beginning and from which all other sounds originated. (3) Unity between all people, creatures, and things.

7. Quotes. The Earth is my altar, the sky is my dome, mind is my garden, the heart is my home and I'm always at hOme - yea, I'm always at Om(Eden Ahbez). The Amen of nature is always a flower(Oliver Wendell Holmes).Find your favourite quote on Aoum.