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Giving, Marieta StoychevaGiving, Ufuk Atilla



Now be open to receive
All the blessings spring days give,
Beautiful gifts of life and health,
Of bright thoughts, feelings pure,
Feelings of love that will endure,
Wonderful gifts this glad time now to us will bring.
Bright thoughts as rays of sunshine in the spring,

Giving, Stefka Nikolova (follow-up activities)


Giving is a process of exchange: the generosity to give and the thankfulness to receive. Some examples of processes and states in nature, in the person (thoughts, feelings, deeds) and relations:
  • nature gives conditions for life: air, light, water, warmth;
  • trees give us fruit;
  • a flower gives fragrance, colors, pollen;
  • we give and receive gifts and attitude (smile, embrace, kiss, respect, understanding, support, gratitude, love);
  • school gives us skills, knowledge and attitudes;

“In this exercise, the hands move forwards and are then brought back to the chest. This shows how one can make the proper exchange between the inner and the outer world, between the human being and nature. Everything that one has received from nature, one must process and then give forth… The more that one gives, the more one will receive. If a person is like a full vessel whose content is not emptied, he can accept nothing more from the outside. As soon as the vessel is emptied, it may be filled anew… This is a process of invigoration, renewal, growth, joy and strength. If the wellspring does not continuously give what it receives, it will not be able to receive fresh new streams. It would be like a stagnant swamp. What a difference between a wellspring of fresh water and a swamp. In the swamp we find decay. In the pure spring we find movement and life.” [Beinsa Douno, Paneurhythmy,2004, p.45]


Giving, Gabriela JonczyGiving, Plamena Serteva



1. Text: Paraphrase “love that will endure”. What examples of giving can be found in the text of the exercise? Write a letter to a poor and discouraged person with which you show generosity. 

2. Drawing:  Draw a wellspring giving water. Draw two pictures of giving and of taking: with images or colours or shapes. Draw an illustration to the exercise.

3. Questions: What is generosity? Who takes only? What have you given and taken today? Why is the Sun is called Dazhbog (GivingGod) in Bulgarian mythology? 

4. Experience: Tell us of situations and experience when you have given/taken something. What is the feeling?

5. Imagination: Imagine while you play the exercise that there is a tray on your hands. What would you like to have on it to give to others? 

6. Affirmation:  Write your own positive affirmation on giving. For example: I am happy to give, I grateful to receive. 

7.Quote:  We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give (Sir Winston Churchil). A giving hand is never left empty (proverb). Find your favourite quote. 


Giving, Zlatina (children's drawings)Giving, Iveta (children's drawings)