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Elevation - Plamena SertevaElevation, Silviya Nedelcheva



Higher, ever higher everyone aspire.
Never think to stop until you have reached
The most exalted mountain top.
(Repeat from the beginning)

Elevation is a process of growing, moving forward and upward. Some examples of processes and states in nature, in the person (thoughts, feelings, deeds) and relations:

  • plants and animals grow up, an apple ripens;
  • a person matures physically, intellectually, emotionally: thoughts, feelings, ideas, understanding, knowledge, experience, skills grow and develop; a child becomes adult;
  • a person develops professionally, grows socially, a student goes to a higher grade;
  • technical achievements improve, sport records become higher;
  • relationships grow and strengthen with time;

“The lifting of the arms is the receiving of the new, the inspiration… while the bringing of the arms down and back signifies that as we receive the new we put the old behind us. This movement of the arms expresses the great power that moves people onwards along the path of life: just as the boat is moved forward by lifting and bringing down the oars”. [Beinsa Douno, Paneurhythmy, p.48]


Elevation - Ufuk AtillaElevation - Martin Ivanov



1.Text: Give synonyms to “aspire” and “exalted”. Finish up with your own words the text from the exercise: “Higher, ever higher everyone aspire. Never think to stop until ...”.

2.Drawing: Draw a picture of a tree growing from seed to fruit-giving stages. Draw a process picture of constant growing: with images or colours or shapes. Draw an illustration to the exercise.

3.Questions: Mountains can be found in nature; what “mountain tops” do you climb in your  life?

4.Experience:Tell us of situations and experiences when your understanding has grown. What is the feeling?

5.Imagination: Imagine while you play the exercise that you drive a boat and your arms are the oars taking you further. 

6.Affirmation:  Write your own positive affirmation for elevation. For example: I grow up every day. I become better.

7.Quote: Abraham Lincoln “You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.” Find your favourite quote.


Elevation, Marieta Stoycheva


Marieta Stoycheva "Elevation": One can focus on the little things and see only them or to elevate over the situations and circumstances to the point where his/her consciousness begins to perceive from a broader perspective..starting with the insect, passing through the path, going beyond the city and encompassing the whole planet..Elevation is the shift of perspective.




Measure: 3/4
Tonality: A minor
Total: 26 measures
1 measure = 1 movement


1 cycle = 2 movements
Total: 13 cycles, 26 movements
Transition: Movement 26

Elevation - 1Elevation-2







Both arms are parallel, down and slightly to the back (within the outlines of the body), palms to the back, stretched in the elbows and in the wrists.

The left foot has stepped, the right foot is forward, ready to step.



Both arms move forward and upwards vertically with palms forward, fingers together. The arms are parallel and stretched in the elbows, wrists and palms.

The right foot steps.

1 measure


Both arms move forward and downwards and slightly to the back (within the outlines of the body) with palms to the back, fingers together. The arms are parallel and stretched in the elbows, wrists and palms.

The left foot steps.

1 measure

Movements 1 and 2 make up a cycle which repeats 13 times. The second movement of cycle 13 (movement 26) is transition to the next exercise:





Text of the transition:

26 (transition):

The right arm folds in the elbow and the hand is placed horizontal in front of the chest, palm down, fingers together, stretched. The left hand is placed on the hip, thumb to the back, the other fingers together to the front.


The left foot steps.

1 measure

“[-op]”, prolongation of “top”

Final Position     :

The right arm is bent in the elbow, the forearm horizontal and parallel to the body; the palm is down, in the middle of the chest, fingers together and stretched. The left arm is on the hip, thumb to the back, fingers together to the front; the elbow is to the side.

The weight is on the left foot, the right foot is  forward, ready for the first step of exercise 6.