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Clapping, Bilge KarciClapping, Dancho Pandulchev


Joy like a spring from the heart starts to flow,
Everything now with new life is aglow,
Share the great joy of freedom that comes from the soul,
Bless everyone on your way, give your love to all.
Sing the new song of freedom with clapping hands,
Send rays of gladness and joy to the farthest lands!
(Repeat from “Sing”)


Clapping is a process when we express our joy after overcoming some obstacles.

Some examples of processes and states in nature, in the person (thoughts, feelings, deeds) and relations:

  • we enjoy a trip in the nature after a week of hard work;
  • pets are happy when we give them attention;
  • we are happy because of success/ well done job;
  • we enjoy the presence of our friends;
  • the audience claps for good performance.

“This gesture is the joy of the soul which has acquired freedom; the joy of the butterfly which has emerged from its cocoon; the joy of the grass which has shown its first tender shoots above the dark cold soil; the joy of the flower opening to the sun’s rays for the first time”. [Beinsa Douno, Paneurhythmy,p.53]

Clapping, Gabriela Jonczy Clapping, Daniela Ancheva



1.Text: How many words for joy can you find in the text? Write in your own beautiful words a sentence/essay/poem about joy. 

2.Drawing:  Draw a picture of someone who is happy. Draw an illustration to the exercise.

3.Questions: What makes you and other people happy? What is your joy when you have achieved something with and without overcoming some obstacles.

4.Experience: Tell us of situations when you have experienced joy. What is the feeling?

5.Imagination: Imagine while you play the exercise that you are clapping hands as a happy child.

6.Affirmation: Write your own positive affirmation for clapping. For example: I am happy with my life.  

7.Quotes:  In search of the Blue Bird, Tyltyl speaks with the Great Joys: The Great Joy of Being Just, the Joy of Being Good, the Joy of Fame, the Joy of Thinking, the Joy of Understanding, the Joy of Seeing what is Beautiful, The Great the Joy of Loving, the Joy of Maternal Love (Maurice Maeterlinck, "The Blue Bird"). Find your favourite quotes on Joy.


Clapping, Stefka Nikolova (follow0up activities)


Measure: 3/4
Tonality: D major
Total: 41 measures
1 measure = 1 movement



1 cycle = 2 movements
Total: 20,5 cycles, 41 movements
Transition: Movement 1


















Both arms are folded in the elbows and the close fisted hands are brought together in front of the chest, touching.

The left foot has stepped, the right foot is set forward.




The arms unfold in the elbows downwards, forwards and sideways while the fists open; next the arms raise stretched horizontally to the sides, palms down, fingers together.

The right foot steps.

1 measure

Text of the transition: “Joy like a”


Arms move downwards, forwards and sideways, stretched, palms down, then the elbows fold, the hands clap in front of the chest and continue their movement in front of the face, palms upwards like a semi-open flower.

The left foot steps.

1 measure


Arms unfold to retrace their way to horizontal position to the sides stretched, palms down, fingers together. 

The right foot steps.

1 measure

Movements 2 and 3 make up a cycle which repeats 20 times. The last movement is 41.


Final position:

Both arms are horizontal to the sides, stretched, palms down, and fingers together.

The right foot has stepped, the left foot is set forward, ready for the first step of exercise 9.