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Awakening, Daniela StoyanovaAwakening, Silviya Nedelcheva


It is the first bright day of spring
Beautiful day of joy and light 
fullness of life for everything
brings the first bright day of spring
brings the first bright day of spring.
(Repeat from the beginning)
Awakening, Plamena Serteva


      Awakening is a process of beginning of something new, at which we enter into exchange by giving and receiving. Some examples of processes and states in nature, in the person (thoughts, feelings, deeds) and relations:     

  • nature wakes up in spring;
  • buds of flowers and trees open up for new life;
  • a child is born and new life begins;
  • we wake up in the morning and the new day begins;
  • a feeling of sympathy and love wakes up and a friendship begins;
  • an idea wakes up and a new initiative begins.
This exercise represents turning inwardly towards one’s self and then manifesting outwardly. The hands first rest upon the shoulders and then open to the sides... That which we possess must be sent forth. Then we bring our hands back to our shoulders. This indicates: we receive that which nature is giving to us… We may say that in the moment in which the idea to give that which one has received awakens in one’s mind, we may say that one’s consciousness has come to life. This means that one has outgrown the framework of one’s limited personal life and entered into the broader scope of the all-encompassing life.” [Beinsa Duno, p.42]

  Awakening, Marieta StoychevaAwakening, Preslava Petrova


    1. Text: Which words repeat most frequently in the text? Write in your own beautiful words a sentence/essay/poem about Awakening.

    2. Drawing: Draw the waking up of nature in spring. Draw two pictures of sleep and motion: with images or colours or shapes. Draw an illustration to the exercise.

    3. Questions: What was the very first thought that came to your mind when you woke up this morning? How do you start your day? How do you start a relationship?

    4. Experience: Tell us of situations and experiences when you had the impulse to start something new. What is the feeling?

   5. Imagination: Imagine while you play the exercise that you are like a flower which opens its blossom, giving scent and colour and receiving light and warmth.

    6. Affirmation: Write your own positive affirmation for Awakening. For example: I begin my day with a smile. 

    7. Quote:  A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step (Lao-Tzu).  To begin is half the work. Let half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished (Ausonius). Find your favourite quote.


Awakening, Petra Godulová (Petka)Awakening, Dariya (children's drawings)